About Now Hear This!

During Now Hear This! practical music workshops you will get to play and explore different high quality musical instruments specially chosen for their accessibility. Everything is provided – just bring yourself. The highest levels of experience and training underpin this flexible and fun approach to learning and performing music. Develop your knowledge of musical fundamentals such as pitch, rhythm, tempo and harmony, play as a group, make new friends, and discover just how creative you can be!

The benefits of music participation on wellbeing, mental health and other key social outcomes are well documented, but it is my firsthand experience after becoming disabled that confirms to me the value of this project. Chronic pain forced me to stop working in music as I had done, but has also given me a more intimate knowledge of how important access to music is, and how many barriers block participation. These workshops, and the experiences they draw on, allow me to return to musical work with an approach sharply focused on breaking down barriers and maximising participation for others within our community.